What Happens When a Hurricane Hits Walt Disney World?


As you’re booking your ultimate family vacation for the year, you tend to blow off thinking about the weather until the week you’re packing your bags. We’re all guilty of this! As both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have made their paths through the south, it is always important to have the “backup plan” for the worst-case scenario when it comes to weather.

When many families tend to book flights, hotels, and every other detail months in advance, it ‘s hard to account for the weather so far in ahead. While Walt Disney World rarely shut their doors, it can and will happen. Just last year, for example, WDW closed for two days during Hurricane Matthew the first time in a decade!

As I help clients book their vacations, it is always of interest to make sure both I and the client, understand that weather may or may not affect their family getaway. With Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma sweeping through the south, I now, more than ever, come across questions such as:

  • “Can I be refunded for my flight, hotel, etc.?”
  • “If I had special accommodations, will I have the same accommodations if I book another time?”
  • “What happens when there is a hurricane in such short notice of my vacation?”

These questions are not only common, but very great questions to ask for any vacation preparation! Once again, it is important to prepare, and we would never want you to spend all your hard-earned time and money to sit in a hotel room on your rewarded time with family.

Below are some helpful tips I recommend when booking any Disney vacation during Hurricane season (June-November):

  • Start checking the weather starting two-weeks out of your vacation – This will help better prepare you better, your travels better, and your packing better!
  • Always pack extra’s – Extra shoes, umbrellas, hats, whatever! Just be expected for the unexpected in the “Sunshine State.”
  • Always have “Plan B” prepare ahead – By creating a backup plan, you won’t have to sweat the Hurricane if it’s trying to ruin your family time.

If you happen to find yourself stumbling on the same questions, you can always check out Walt Disney World’s “Frequently Asked Questions” about their Hurricane Policy. This page will be able to assist you with any concerning question you may have about your theme park tickets, resort stay, and more during any Hurricane related situation. Plus, if you use a travel agent like me to assist with your next Disney vacation, I’ll take care of relaying any important news, and moving your travel dates so you don’t have to!

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